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Private Dog Training, Coaching and Education with Long Island's only NYS licensed teacher of professional dog training & canine behavior, Brandon Karp.  Learn how to properly train, understand and communicate with your dog using our Force-Free, No Touch methods based around Positive Mind and Positive Energy.

 NO force, NO training collars, NO leash "corrections", NO outdated methods of intimidation and dominance 


Learn how to become your own dog trainer!  Brandon will teach YOU how to properly train, understand and communicate with your dog.  Private 1-on-1 sessions in the comfort of your own home.  Available for puppy training, obedience, problem correction, anxiety, fitness & enrichment, behavior modification and more.


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Our programs offer positive, force-free training for your dog.  Programs include "Puppy School", "Obedience School" and "Camp Confidence".  Dogs live with and train with Brandon in his home, not a kennel or facility.  Personalized, 1-on-1 attention with only ONE dog enrolled at a time.

2-week and 4-week programs available.


Set your dog (and yourself) on a path to success!


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Ran just like our Board & Train programs, but without the overnight.  Drop off your dog each morning, pick them up each evening.  5-day programs, Monday-Friday.  Half-days available as well.  Puppy training, obedience training, confidence building and fun!


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Do you LOVE dogs?  Learn how to be a Dog Trainer and start your own dog training business.  Earn your SSKA-CTP certification in as little as 4 weeks!  In-person and hands-on education with Brandon Karp.  Learn by working with dogs, not by sitting at a computer.  Affordable tuition and flexible scheduling. Take the first step on your path to a successful career working with and helping dogs.


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One-on-one dog training, coaching, consulting and education sessions with Brandon Karp, available anywhere with in internet connection!  Live Video Chat is the next best thing to having Brandon right there with you.


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Brandon Karp is the owner and head instructor at South Shore K9 Academy.  He is Long Island's only Licensed Teacher of professional dog training and behavior (one of only a couple in the entire State of New York) as well as a Certified Master Dog Trainer and Canine Behavioral Consultant.  His aim is to help dogs, dog owners and dog professionals to be their best through understanding, communication, and education.  Over the years, he's had the pleasure of working with countless trainers, veterinarians, groomers, dog walkers, kids, families, schools, companies, dog owners and dog lovers... as well as all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments of dogs.

From the day he was born, Brandon was surrounded by dogs and other animals. While growing up, his father was the head of the Nassau County and Sullivan County SPCA in New York, which gave him an early start with dogs.  He began tagging along on cruelty investigations and rescuing dogs by the age of 7. He's had a life-time of dog experience and is considered a dog training and canine behavior expert.  As such, he's been called on to consult on civil and criminal court cases involving dogs, to develop safety and behavior programs and protocol for various dog-care businesses, and to create educational programs for schools and communities.


Brandon studied pre-med at the University of Albany, and business management at Five Towns College.  He's had successful careers as a performer and behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, having received honors from the Prime Time Emmy Awards, among others.  These days, Brandon focuses his time working with dogs, dog education, and his family.



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