Become Your Own Dog Trainer

​​We'll teach you how.  In person.  Hands on.

In the comfort of your home!



You (and your family) will learn how to properly train, understand and communicate with your dog using positive, force-free methods.  You will learn everything you need to know to Be Your Own Dog Trainer, and how to achieve the specific goals and results you seek for your dog. 

It's like the old saying goes: "Catch a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

DON'T hire a trainer for your dog, when you can learn to do it yourself, do it better, and have it last forever!




Young Family with Pet Dog

​Learn how to Be Your Own Dog Trainer!



This 4-week program meets once per week at your home for TWO hours, as well as gives assignments to complete on your own each week.  It teaches YOU how to train your dog in obedience, stop pesky behavior problems, help anxiety, and create good behaviors that will last.  It also teaches you about dog psychology, body language and canine first aid.  You'll be able to train your dog to be eager and excited to listen to you, and to do so the first time you ask, every time you ask.  Stop Behavior Problems, Control Their Energy,  Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave It, Drop It, Walk Nicely On-Leash (and off), and more. 

*Includes special walking harness, training clicker, graduation certificate and lifetime email support.


3-week program meeting once per week at your home for ONE hour.  Focuses on a few specific behaviors that you need help with.


A single 2-hour session, jam packed with everything you need to get started off on the right path.  Additional followup sessions are available.