Learn How To Become A Professional Dog Trainer

And Start Your Own Dog Training Business


No Dog Training Experience Necessary.  We Teach You Everything You Need To Know!

Our DOG TRAINING BUSINESS MASTER CLASS offers a practical, hands-on approach to dog trainer education, turning training theory and fundamentals into real-life performance.


You will receive an in-person, hands-on education (not from sitting on your computer).  You will learn all about dogs, their history, the history of dog training, how they learn, dog behavior, body language, dog first aid, and how to properly train dogs using force-free methods.


Our DOG TRAINING BUSINESS MASTER CLASS also provides you with a road map to success.  We teach you how to turn your love of dogs into a SIX-FIGURE dog training career.


You'll learn not only how to book and conduct your own dog training sessions, but you'll learn the ins and outs of the business of dog training.  Things you'll learn include how to present yourself and your business, how to set your own path to the six figure career of your dreams, how to bring in multiple revenue streams, and much more!

Who is this program for?

Anyone who loves dogs and has ever had interest in being a dog trainer, helping dogs and dog owners, having the freedom of being their own boss, or wanting to boost their existing dog training business.

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is the key to successful dog trainer education.  Here at South Shore K9 Academy we offer a lot of hands-on time.  From working with dogs, to working with people, you will gain the hands-on skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed.  Just as we believe in setting dogs up for success, we believe in setting YOU up for success as well.

Full-Time Program

Our program is an intensive Master Class that allows for you to earn your SSKA-CTP Dog Trainer Certification and jump start your dog training career in just 4 weeks, full time, Monday-Friday.

Where? When? How Much?

The class takes place in Oceanside, NY.  Morning, afternoon and evening options available.  Private 1-on-1 program and group programs offered.  Contact us for current prices.

For more information or to enroll, contact us today!