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For Dogs & Puppies


​Our one-of-a-kind Board & Train program will teach your dog or puppy the obedience, manners and/or confidence needed to fit into your world, and thrive.  Your dog will live with us, and train with us, day in and day out (in his home, not in a kennel).  They will receive personalized, one-on-one attention, and will be the only dog enrolled in the program.  They will be treated, cared for, and looked after as if they were a member of the family.  All training and treatment is loving, positive and force-free!

This is not a "boot camp".  Dogs are NOT forced to do anything!  Instead we teach them, using positive reinforcement, and practice with them day in and day out, having fun and playing games.  We build a SOLID FOUNDATION for your dog, and teach YOU how to continue with their success after they leave.

On the final day of your dog's program, YOU will have a session with us, ensuring that you are comfortable with everything that you'll need to know and do after you leave.  You'll also receive one follow up session at your home within the following weeks.



A puppy is a lot of work!  We help get you through it.  Crate training, potty training, manners, socialization, walking and puppy obedience.

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Sit, down, stay, come, walking nicely, manners and a whole lot more.  Your dog will be eager and excited to listen to you!  For dogs of all ages.

Two-Week Program starts at $4995
*limited availability

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