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Picture this... You take your dog to the beach or park and allow them the freedom to run and play without the restriction of a leash. When you call, your dog immediately turns on a dime and runs towards you with excitement. The first time you call. Every time you call.  Or maybe you let your dog out in the yard only to discover that the gate was left open.  You can't find your dog anywhere so you call out for them.  Your dog comes running from down the block.  That is what this program will achieve for you and your dog. A reliable recall gives you the comfort and security of knowing your dog will come when called, and allows your dog more freedom to be a dog.


  • 5 Weekly sessions

  • Building your dog's excitement for COME

  • Building your dog's drive for COME

  • Building your dog's instincts and desire to find YOU

  • Working through distractions

  • Taking it on the road!

  • Free gift

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