become a dog trainer

Do you LOVE dogs?
Learn how to be a Dog Trainer and start your own dog training business!  Earn your SSKA-CTP certification in as little as 4 weeks (full-time).  One-on-one, hands-on education with Brandon KarpTake the first step on your path to a successful career working with and helping dogs.

Learn How To Become A Professional Dog Trainer And Start Your Own Dog Training Business
We'll Teach You Everything You Need To Know!
* Private, 1-On-1 Program *

A practical, hands-on approach to dog trainer education, turning training theory and fundamentals into real-life performance and success.

You will learn all about dogs, their history, the history of dog training, how they learn, dog behavior, body language, force-free methods of teaching dogs, dog first aid, how to conduct your own dog training sessions, the business of dog training (and multiple revenue streams), and more... live, in-person and hands-on!

Who is this program for?

Anyone who has ever had interest in being a dog trainer, whether you are a dog owner or a dog professional: dog walker, sitter, groomer, doggy day care, vet tech, pet store, rescue, shelter, dog owner or dog lover.  If you want to become a professional dog trainer and start your own dog training business, or better help dogs in need, this is for you!

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on time is the key to successful dog trainer education.  Here at South Shore K9 Academy we offer a lot of hands-on time.  From working with dogs, to working with dog owners, you will gain the hands-on skills and knowledge needed to succeed.  Just as we believe in setting dogs up for success, we believe in setting you up for success as well.


Full-Time or Part-Time
Complete the program in as little as 4 weeks, or as many as 10 weeks, with our flexible scheduling.

become a dog trainer

Start On Your Path To Becoming A
Dog Training Professional
We Set You Up For Success!
Hands-On & In-Person
Learn from working with Dogs, Not from sitting in front of a Computer
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