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Did you know that what your puppy learns in their first 4 months has a permanent effect on how they turn out as an adult dog? Let's get it right with the Puppy Perfection program. Sleep easy at night knowing that your puppy isn't destroying your home or belongings. Solve common issues like jumping and biting.   And do it all the correct way, so that you can shape them into a well mannered and confident dog.


  • 5 Weekly sessions

  • "Potty" training plan so you can rest easy in the quickest time frame possible, knowing that your pup knows where to go potty, and where not to.

  • Crate training plan

  • Puppy obedience training, creating a pup that is eager and excited to listen to you

  • Advice on routine care, appropriate toys and first-aid for your pup

  • Free gift

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